Dinner & Reception Request

Monday Night Events

The Old Masters want to get to know Purdue University's outstanding students and organizations that make this campus so dynamic. On Monday evening, student organizations will be able to interact with the Old Masters in a formal dining atmosphere called Dining with the Dignitaries. This dinner was designed to accommodate smaller student organizations who are not financially able to host an Old Master on their own. Through an application process, over 80 students from multiple student organizations on campus will be selected to dine with our 10 fabulous Old Masters.

Please contact the Evening Events Co-Chairs at EveningOMCC@gmail.com if you are interested in your organization attending your event.

Preceding the dinner a reception will be held, called the Old Masters Meet and Greet. This event is open to the entire campus and allows for those who attend to sit in and ask questions to an Old Masters panel, speak individually with the Old Masters, and hear musical organizations from campus perform!

Tuesday Night Events

Tuesday night allows for the Old Masters to sit down and eat dinner with different campus organizations.  These dinners mean a lot to the Old Masters and as they look forward to conversing with another group of driven students.

Following dinner, the Old Masters attend the Closing Ceremony along with their Ho-Hos and Old Masters Central Committee members and reminisce about their amazing Old Masters experience!

Our Next Event

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